The Finest Direct Boxes and Interfaces for working musicians

Pinstripe Pedals only use Jensen Transformers, the industry benchmark for all our products. They have a ruler-flat frequency response that is wider than the human hearing range and an excellent phase response means that the full, rich sound of your instrument is sent to the mixing board.  Double-faraday shielding plus a Mu-metal outer shield means that any noise or hum is blocked out.

Our pedalboard-friendly designs use the same super-tough aluminum enclosures used for guitar effects pedals, eliminating the lip around the jacks that would otherwise prevent the use of pancake plugs on the inputs and thru-puts. Then we’ve arranged all the jacks in the optimum locations for pedalboard connection. You don’t have to hide your DI under the board anymore!

Whatever your instrument is, the Pinstripe Pedals direct box is the best choice for clear sound, durability and ease of use. We’ve selected all of the best components available. We have included the features you need and eliminated the ones that just get in the way of excellent sound. And we have wrapped it all up in a package that is as pretty as it is tough.

We believe the finest direct box should have the best connectors, the best wiring, the best features, the best transformer and the best looking enclosure. It should be the best direct box for acoustic guitar, bass guitar, synths, electric piano, samplers, drum machines, or even ukuleles. Click the links to check out our line up!