TXRX-SP – Stereo Analog Guitar Signal Management System and Pedal Power via TCAT5e


Stereo Analog Guitar Signal Management via CAT5e.  Pedalboard power over CAT5e.  Buffered 1/4 inch outputs.


Over 3 Years In Development

Consisting of SEND and RECEIVE boxes, this system allows you to send your STEREO analog guitar signal via a tactical CAT5e cable (included) over long distances (up to 300 feet/100m) with confidence that no noise will get into your signal and that your tone stays intact on the way to the amplifiers.


Provides power to your pedalboard from the amp location.  This means you no longer need a power drop to your pedalboard and can help eliminate ground loops as well.  Using the line supply from systems like the Strymon Ojai, the line supply is plugged into the AC line at the amp location.  This plugs into the Receive box.  Power then travels up the TCAT5e and out of the Send box via the included jumper to the Ojai distribution box to your pedals.

The SEND Box

It is powered by normal (Boss-style) 9Vdc at 40mA. The jacks are oriented specifically to integrate with your other pedals (fits easily on your board). Uses genuine Jensen Transformers on both ends of the system for the cleanest, clearest signal and the greatest noise rejection.  The L and R buffered 1/4 inch outs let you drive long unbalanced TS cables for those situations where you have the amps close and choose not to deploy them remotely.


Your analog stereo signal arrives via the TCAT5e cable.  A ground lift switch per amp output ensures that loop noises can be controlled with the flick of a switch.  A Polarity Reverse switch on the L channel insures that the amps can play in-phase with one another.


Adapters are available to convert CAT5e to regular XLR.  These can be used for tie lines in a recording studio or for other optional situations.  Additional length options are available on the cabling. Please contact us via email for more info.

Hand-Built with Top Quality Parts

The TXRX-SP is all about giving you a clean, clear signal all of the time.  We build them one-at-a-time by hand using genuine Jensen Transformers line transformers, high reliability all-metal connectors from Switchcraft and Neutrik and top-shelf sealed switches from Grayhill.  It is backed up with a full 3-year warranty.


  • Use your power supply (Strymon Ojai/Cioks MOD5/etc)
  • Power your pedalboard via TCAT5e (up to 18W (9V at 2A))
  • Locate your stereo amp rig off the stage (50ft/100ft)
  • Premium Tactical CAT5e cable from Revelation Cable Company
  • Genuine Jensen transformers
  • Connectors and switches from Switchcraft/Neutrik/Grayhill
  • Buffered 1/4 inch outputs on the SEND box
  • Ground Lift per amp output
  • Polarity Reverse on L amp output
  • Powered by 24Vdc at 20mA (EIAJ-V Connector)

Note: For international shipping, we will contact you with the quote from the carrier after you place the order. Please let us know if you have a preferred carrier!


TXRX-SP – Stereo Analog Guitar Signal Management System and Pedal Power via TCAT5e