Rackmount version of the DISO+ dual line isolator.

DISO-R: 19w x 1.75h x 8d inches (standard 1RU rack height and width with ears, 8 inches deep)

DISO-HR: 8.5w x 1.75h x 8d inches (standard 1RU half-rack without ears, 8 inches deep)

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Engineered for Rackmount Rigs!

The DISO-R (1RU high, full 19 inch width) and DISO-HR (half-rack width) is a 2-channel rackmount line isolator box made with rackmount guitar rigs in mind.  It can deliver pure, clean sounds in the studio and it has also passed the toughest test of touring life as well.

The two ¼ inch input, two ¼ inch thru and two XLR output jacks are located on the back panel and routed for the shortest signal path.  Two ground lift switches (one for each channel) are also out back so that they can be easily accessed but tucked away where they cannot be accidentally bumped.

For DSP Guitar Rigs!

If you are using FX DSP simulation/load boxes such as the Two Notes Torpedo Live, Torpedo CAB, Headrush Gigboard, Line 6 HX Effects or Line 6 HX Stomp and are interfacing them in a live situation, you shouldn’t be using a direct box (for impedance matching) but should be using a “line isolator” with a ground lift switch.  Many of these simulators have balanced outputs (on ¼ inch connectors) but no way to lift the ground in the event of a ground loop noise! A line isolator won’t drop your signal level like a direct box will, but maintains the line level while giving the ability to disconnect ground and eliminate noise when running your guitar signal to the main PA.

Hand-Built with Top Quality Parts

The DISO-R and DISO-HR are all about giving you a clean, clear signal all of the time.  We build them one-at-a-time by hand using genuine Jensen Transformers line iso transformers, high-reliability all metal connectors from Switchcraft and Neutrik and top shelf sealed switches from Grayhill.  It is backed up with a full 3-year warranty.  (Note that DISO-HR does not have Thru jacks due to limited space on the panel.)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in
Half or Full rackmount



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